When is a good time to refresh your website?

New technologies are emerging thick and fast every day. Businesses will be tempted to incorporate the latest in website design, eCommerce or digital marketing strategy to keep ahead of the competition. However, without a set of guidelines, businesses will find themselves making changes often.

In this post, we’ll look at the factors to consider before you do a website refresh. In a website refresh, by and large, changes are confined to copy, use of colours, images and potentially navigation. The foundations of the website design remain. So, when is a good time to refresh your website?

1. Your brand has evolved

It is unlikely your brand has stood still, or it may not be in business. As it progresses, changes would have taken place to make it more competitive and relevant to prevailing circumstances. For example, you may have grown nationally or globally. As such, your website should reflect this evolution. It needs to communicate the brand’s reach and capabilities.

2. It doesn’t look or perform as well across all devices

To serve the digitally connected consumer well, they must be able to reach you across all devices. Your website has to look good and perform well on desktops, personal computers or other personal devices. It must complement the omnichannel buying behaviour and preference of consumers. In a website refresh, this is one of the most important tick boxes it must meet.

3. It’s slow to load

Instantaneous, immediate and now are some of the traits used to describe IoT. Although broadband speeds have increased significantly in recent times, what we can do online has grown too. Inevitably this can stress broadband speeds. Nonetheless, it is important your website doesn’t take too long to load. If it does, it doesn’t take much for a prospect to swipe left.

4. Bounce rate

A high bounce rate is symptomatic of a poorly designed or lacking-in-useful-content website. It offers little incentive for a visitor to hang around. This is a missed opportunity. If your website records high bounce rates, you’ll need to look into improving the visitor experience.

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