4 CRM questions to ask when you’ve lost a lead

Do you have a strategy to regain lost leads? With lead generation activities forming a significant portion of a business’ marketing, it is wasteful to let lost leads slip. One can argue the lost leads weren’t ideal for the brand or business. But until it’s determined it’s mere speculation. In this post, we pose 4 questions to ask about lost leads. They’ll help you develop a strategy to reach out to them.

1. Was it a hot or cold lead?

It’s important you divide lost leads into these two broad groups. The immediate response you undertake will hinge on which group they fall into. For example, with a hot lead, a call can restore the interest. It could have been a technical glitch that can be easily rectified.

2. Is the lead leaving a decision to a later date?

Even the ‘hottest’ of leads may not necessarily tap “Buy Now!”. They may need time to discern the purchase. Judging from the digital footprints they’ve left behind, you might learn the interest is high. As such, the onus is on you or your marketing team to get and stay in touch with the lead.

3. Were you slow to respond?

We all get busy! Unfortunately, a hot lead is likely to want to make a purchase now or would like to find out more now. A study revealed that a buyer is more likely to choose a seller who was the fastest to respond (1). The digital world has made everything in life instantaneous. While it is difficult to respond with a call immediately, a simple message committing to a specific time they can expect a call helps.

4. Was your offer easy to understand?

Well-written ad copy should be easy to understand and trigger immediate action. But it doesn’t always work that way. Hence, it’s always best to test your copy for comprehension. Poorly written ad copy can be a turn-off. Remember, people rarely take the time to try to understand copy. They simply swipe left.

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(1) https://blog.hubspot.com/sales/average-lead-response-time-sales-data