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Successful business owner, business development and marketing executive with a deep understanding of technical and commercial operations. Trusted technology adviser to leaders of small, medium and large businesses. I can help you too - get in touch!
Trusted technology adviser to leaders of small, medium and large businesses.

Is your website Covid realistic?

This is a question that does not seem to have yet been fully addressed across a wide range of websites. Yes, you will arrive at many where there is a statement that been added about how the virus is affecting their business and actions they may have taken. But is the rest of your website [...]

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How to improve your website’s SEO

Is your website not ranking highly on search engines? It may be that you are not using search engine optimisation correctly. SEO can provide you with the best possible page ranking, in turn driving more traffic to your website. If you want to learn how to improve your website’s SEO, then keep reading. Use SEO [...]

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Has your CRM failed you because of these?

In this post, we'd like to share with you some of the problems businesses with ineffective CRM systems have highlighted. You could be experiencing some, perhaps all, of them. They may be the reason your lead generation system isn't producing the desired results. 1. What's the problem? A CRM system can turn out to be [...]

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How to improve your CRM’s capabilities to generate leads

Most CRM systems are able to automate lead generation activities. Having said that, it still requires some work on your end as the system only automates the process. In this post, we highlight typical lead generation problems and how you can solve them. A small budget This is a common problem for small businesses. You [...]

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5 SEM tips for small businesses

The key to ranking higher than your competitors is an effective search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. However, there’s more to SEM than placing a couple of SEO articles on your website and waiting for customers to come to you. To rate highly in Google searches, you must incorporate the following into your overall SEM strategy. [...]

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How to use your CRM to nurture prospects effectively

Unlike lead generation, lead nurturing isn't given sufficient attention by businesses in their CRM strategy. Perhaps there's an assumption when the funnel has been lined up well, its a matter of time before the conversion happens. It's a myth. Getting prospects across the line is challenging, even more than lead generation. There's a thin line [...]

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How a compelling identity can drive your branding strategy

In a highly competitive category, the battle must be won in the hearts and minds of the target audience. Creating an emotional connection will give you the edge. For this reason, a significant amount of the branding budget is allocated to nurturing the brand's presence and saliency. However, money alone can't wow and woo, regardless [...]

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Social media in difficult times

In the last few months, the world has altered in such unexpected ways. With more people stuck at home, their reliance on social media has increased substantially. For many businesses, this increased traffic and interest levels has been well worth tapping into. However, we are also finding pitfalls and problems that can adversely affect the [...]

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How to execute effective market analysis with research

As a small business, listening to the grapevine, 'walking the streets' or just being observant may be sufficient to have a good grasp of the market. These are all informal market research activities. However, they may not lead to a robust marketing report. There's a risk of missing critical information or biasedness. On the other [...]

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How to re-wow and woo lost prospects in your CRM strategy

You almost clinch it! They shared their contact details, downloaded the eBook, watched the video and perhaps had a few mail exchanges with your team. Unfortunately, the sale did not materialise. It's probably the most frustrating experience in a business' lead generation activity. Regardless of the CRM platform you use, the probability of this happening [...]

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