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Successful business owner, business development and marketing executive with a deep understanding of technical and commercial operations. Trusted technology adviser to leaders of small, medium and large businesses. I can help you too - get in touch!
Trusted technology adviser to leaders of small, medium and large businesses.

Inbound Mobile Marketing – Are you ready?

Inbound Mobile Marketing, great title eh?  I have been analysing the results of my recent blog posts and anything with the word "inbound" or "mobile" in the title rates it little bum off! Inbound and Mobile Rate This would indicate that people want to learn more about this :) Seemingly like all things digital, the [...]

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Will digital marketing kick up sales volumes?

"Digital marketing" isn't the beginning or the middle, but a means to an end. Is Digital Marketing just a Buzzword? It's as a catch cry or a buzzword has been around now for a few years, and it's still as popular as ever. Why? Is there a general belief out there that The Internet has made the job [...]

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Still Using a Blunt Instrument For Your Marketing?

Let’s face it, TV advertising is blunt instrument. Sure, it gets cut through, but is it really accurate? Is the era of broadcast mass marketing over?

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Rebuilding the Client and Supplier Relationship

Relationship Matters The relationship between a client or customer and a supplier is a very delicate one, despite being one of the most important bonds being formed in businesses. This is the same for small and big brand names, in any industry or domain. The recent economic crisis may have been a dent for most [...]

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Does your marketing measure up?

Marketing Measure Truisms - you run the risk of settling your thoughts for life when you hear one that chimes for you. Here’s one usually attributed to Henry Ford; “ I know I waste half of my advertising budget, I just don’t know which half.” This is probably one of the most common ones we [...]

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Are You Wasting Digital Time?

Time to go Digital? I am losing count of the number of businesses I talk to that are throwing money into digital marketing in the hope… yes hope of making a return. Many just stop doing it because they never got a result (or didn't understand the results they got). “Cheap” advertising from the likes of [...]

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Mobile: I can’t believe how many people are ignoring this!

Mobile Geddon So, it's been seven weeks since Google introduced "Mobile-geddon". If you are in business and rely on search marketing to bring in leads...and you haven't caught up with Mobilegeddon - you might want to read this. On April 21 this year Google made a change to the way in which it promotes websites [...]

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Top 10 Branding Tips for 2015

Branding Tips One of the most important things you can do in business is to build a strong brand. Here're some branding tips. You want current and potential customers thinking about you as often as possible.....in a good way. A top branding company understand this and can help you achieve it. Your customers always come [...]

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Why Social Media Marketing Matters

Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is at the top of the agenda for a lot of marketers at present. This is because it has quickly become one of the most effective forms of online marketing. However, there are so many different types of networking platforms out there, that it is also becoming one of [...]

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Why SEO is Important to Businesses

SEO is Important People often use one of the many search engines to search for brands and their products. Very rarely do people type in the URL of a brand’s website. However, if your company is not ranking high enough on search results, people will not be able to find you. Branding agencies are well [...]

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