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Successful business owner, business development and marketing executive with a deep understanding of technical and commercial operations. Trusted technology adviser to leaders of small, medium and large businesses. I can help you too - get in touch!
Trusted technology adviser to leaders of small, medium and large businesses.

What is Google AdWords and should you invest it?

The thought of running ads on Google can be both enticing and confusing for business owners. If you do it right and it works, it could boost your business. If you do it wrong, you could lose thousands of dollars. In this article we explain what Google AdWords is and how it could benefit you. [...]

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What makes for an effective inbound marketing campaign?

Inbound marketing has grown popular in recent years. Businesses are using it to harvest a pool of qualified leads to elevate the rate of conversion. Question is, what makes for an effective inbound marketing campaign? The most effective inbound marketing campaigns comprise 6 steps. Let's look at them here. 1. Research Undertaking market research to [...]

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4 winner traits of brands in the eCommerce race

By 2021, the value of eCommerce in Australia is expected to be $35.2bn. However, revenue growth will supposedly drop to 7.4% too. This highlights eCommerce's competitiveness. To thrive, brands must have a branding strategy that complements their digital marketing strategy. Here, we highlight the 4 pillars of branding in the digital age. 1. A great [...]

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The Essential Components to Professional Branding Online

Creating a profitable online business begins with the building blocks of professionalism and trust. These are the modern essentials that every enterprise establishing themselves online must have to be competitive, and to meet the minimum customer expectation. Branding is the all-encompassing way of describing how a business presents themselves, and customers identify their offering from [...]

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4 Common Website Design Myths Destroying Your Business

When it’s time to launch your first website design, when your business is taking the leap online, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the abundance of website design advice. However, business owners can become trapped by the incorrect assumptions about website design, as conflicting advice and popular misconceptions have flooded the advice space in recent [...]

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Are you using the right social media platform?

Social media marketing has been one of the most dynamic, diverse and profitable forms of marketing in the last five years. Rising from what seemed like an overnight boom, businesses are benefiting from the abundance of marketing opportunities these platforms offer. However, in recent times, we’ve heard businesses say their marketing efforts are failing online, [...]

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How to nurture a brand identity with the competitive edge

A brand identity with the competitive edge stays in the hearts and minds of customers. It stands the test of time and changes that may happen in the sociomarketing environment. While most businesses are willing to invest in creating their brand, few make the effort to nurture it. In this article, we share best practices [...]

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The importance of fact-checking digital marketing content

As any digital marketing expert will be well aware, content is key when it comes to driving traffic, leads, and sales. Whilst blogs, social media posts, and articles offer a great platform to spread engaging information amongst potential customers, however, far too many content marketers overlook the need to fact-check their posts. Why fact checking [...]

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How to use social media as an effective market research tool

The rise of conversational insights in market research is attributed to the extensive use of social media technology in marketing. No longer is market research exclusive to brands with huge budgets or too time-consuming to be an effective planning tool. As a brand or business operating in the world of social media marketing, you now [...]

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How an updated website design can revive your falling sales

When was the last time your website design was changed? When was an image updated to reflect what you actually sell? Or when did you update your opening hours? If you can’t remember when, we guess that it was too long ago.   Easily one of the most important assets to your business is your [...]

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