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Trusted technology adviser to leaders of small, medium and large businesses.

Why secure web hosting is the way forward

If you're new to the digital world, you might assume that simply paying for web hosting is enough when it comes to keeping your site secure. Although this is a good starting point, it's often not sufficient. Here's why you need to consider bumping up your security in any way you can: Cybercrime is a [...]

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Website design and website success: a relationship worth investing in

The famous saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is far from the truth when it comes to your business website. Website design can make a huge difference in how users view your business and can impact their decision to convert, whether it's making a sale or signing up to your newsletter. That's why [...]

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Five ways Google AdWords can benefit your business

Google Ads is an online platform for advertising that was developed by Google. Adwords aim to enhance your business’s visibility in online search engines. Using Adwords will result in more exposure for your company or business, which can lead to higher sales and ultimately a more profitable business. There are a multitude of benefits of [...]

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IS PPC still a good choice in 2019?

At one time, pay-per-click (PPC) was considered one of the building blocks of any successful online marketing strategy. Now, given the growing popularity of social media advertising and the need to target advertising closely to a specific audience in order to achieve an optimal ROI, is it now time to concentrate on other forms of [...]

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Why your business should conduct a marketing analysis

Whether you're just launching your business or merely adopting a new marketing strategy, it's crucial to conduct research and analysis into your market. Conducting marketing analysis can help you determine the landscape of your market, and as a result, prepare a suitable strategy. An analysis might involve both qualitative and quantitative research, and the information [...]

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Understanding the basics of good CRM

CRM software helps you make the most of your interactions leads & customers. It helps everyone stay on the same page and make the most of their time.

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CRM trends to stay on top of in 2018

CRM trends to stay on top of in 2018 The world of CRM is constantly changing as the digital world evolves: the growth of cloud technology, the fast-paced development of artificial intelligence, and worldwide crackdowns on data handling and storage mean that there have been significant changes made to many CRM systems this year. The [...]

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Why the key word in ‘social media’ is ‘social’

It's never a compliment when a person is described as being anti-social. Some synonyms for the term include: objectionable, unsocial, distasteful, unfriendly, unforthcoming, withdrawn. These words are often used to describe social media postings by politicians, showbiz and other personalities. You might think that these folk would know better... Let's take this into the business [...]

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Should websites be inward-looking or outward-facing?

Planning websites Planning websites and how audiences will react to them can probably be described as party planning. Parties can be a great place to meet people. However, sometimes you talk to a stranger... or, to be more accurate, you listen as they converse at great length about themselves. You are soon engaged in a [...]

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A bounce is a single-page session on your site. In Analytics, a bounce is calculated specifically as a session that triggers only a single request to the Analytics server, such as when a user opens a single page on your site and then exits without triggering any other requests to the Analytics server during that session.

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