How to personalise your CRM strategy and drive growth

What is the ultimate CRM strategy from a customers’ and prospects’ perspective? If we embrace Accenture’s report, it will be this: 4 in 5 customers expect brands to have a deep appreciation of them as well as be mindful of when to and when not to reach out to them (1). Indeed the latter is a tall order in lead generation and customer management. But let’s have a crack at taking personalisation of your CRM strategy to a new level.

1. Be clear of their pain point

We aren’t short of marketing solutions to reach out to prospects and customers. From marketing gurus to technology, brands and businesses are spoilt for choice. But you’d have heard too of colossal failures despite the marketing investments made. Well, nothing really matters unless you’re clear of your prospects’ and customers’ pain points. It can be annoying for them to be part of a drip campaign that bears no relevance to a problem that gets them up at 3 in the morning!

2. Up-close-and-personal

How well do you know your target audience? An effective CRM strategy builds relationships based on a deep appreciation of them. Unless this is achieved, the functions and features are bells and whistles you can do without. Having an up-close-and-personal relationship with prospects and customers demonstrates one of the most critical pillars of a good relationship: commitment. You can’t be committed to helping if you lack the interest, to begin with, to know them well. With this deep appreciation, you’ll be able to segment your database of prospects and customers to tailor all outreach activities purposefully.

3. Timeliness

Nothing irks prospects and customers more than for brands and businesses to be in their face constantly. It is invasive and disruptive. Yet, there is an expectation you’re there when needed. It’s a classic CRM dilemma. The sweet spot of timeliness doesn’t have to be elusive. With the help of the abovementioned thought and experience, you’ll get it right. What’s important is to be mindful of the importance of timeliness.

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