New to Google Adwords? Check out these top tips
A common question that we’re often asked is whether or not there are any sure methods of success when launching a Google Adwords campaign. Here are three top tips to follow when starting a marketing campaign on Google Adwords.

Keep your demographic in mind

When creating a Google Adwords campaign, the main thing to keep in mind is your demographic. If you start confusing the message of your brand by casting your net too wide, you’ll begin to lose your grip on your target audience. To avoid this, experts recommend following the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) principle of advertising when creating a campaign, as this will help you to reach out to consumers and convince them that your product is the one to buy.

Remember to utilise mobile ads

Mobile ads – or microtargeted ads – are a key part of advertising, so don't ignore them. After all, mobile accounts for approximately half of all web traffic worldwide! Mobile ads often appear on social media sites or along the side/bottom/top of different web pages. Google Adwords also allows organisations to create targeted calls to action on their mobile ads, meaning that a specific user can be individually targeted. This often translates to higher levels of online traffic.

Track and edit ads

This tip is twofold. By tracking your ad, you’ll see how well it’s doing in terms of attracting customers to your webpage. Then you’ll be able to work out the conversion rate between the ad and the number of purchases made online. However, if your conversion rate isn’t as high as you would like, it makes sense to do some edits to your ad. Perhaps there is a new keyword that might better catch your demographic’s eye? Google Adwords campaigns aren’t permanent, so it makes sense to utilise this very useful feature to increase results. For more tips on how to create a successful Google Adwords campaign, feel free to contact a member of our team at Mark 2 Creative today.