May 20

Why Social Media Marketing Matters

Apr 24

Why SEO is Important to Businesses

SEO is Important People often use one of the many search engines to search for brands and their products. Very rarely do people type in the URL of a brand’s website. However, if your company is not ranking high enough on search results, people will not be able to find you. Branding agencies are well […]

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Apr 17

Rebuilding the Relationship Between a Client and Supplier

Apr 10

How to Get Noticed on Social Media

Social Media Cannot be Ignored Brands cannot afford to ignore social media marketing anymore – social media platforms are where consumers spend most of their time. Brands stand the risk of losing a large chunk in their consumer base by turning a blind eye towards SM marketing. Most importantly, SM is essential for branding and this is […]

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Apr 03

Has Digital Finally Brought One-to-One Marketing?

Mar 25

How Digital has Changed Measurement and Analytics.

Are Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Working? As with every business cost, it is important to know how your digital marketing campaigns are faring and just what results were achieved. In the world of marketing, measuring the results of each and every campaign is of the utmost importance as marketing can make or break a business. […]

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Mar 03

Top 10 Branding Tips for 2014

Branding. One of the most important things you can do in business is to build a strong brand. You want current and potential customers thinking about you as often as possible…..in a good way.

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Feb 25

What is Branding?

Branding – The Basics In the simplest terms, branding is a visibility- and reputation- building exercise to differentiate businesses from the competition. It involves the communication of the values, characteristics and credo of a business, with the intention to build trust and win consumer confidence. How is branding achieved? A company branding strategy mostly revolves […]

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