Mar 03

Brand identity: the impact of its consistence on growth

How much is Amazon’s brand worth? According to Statista, it is worth USD221bn (1). Any interested suitor in the company must be prepared to cough out this amount of money in addition to the worth of its other tangible assets. Little wonder companies invest in creating a consistent brand identity. Beyond the name, logo and […]

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Feb 25

Four tips for business engagement on social media

Brands and businesses need to be incredibly careful online; with users quick to analyse every comment made, social media interactions have never been more critical to get right. We know how quickly comments, videos and images can be taken out of context, and while we never aim to offend, it’s sometimes inevitable. In this article, […]

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Feb 18

How to ask customers for reviews on social media and drive growth

The voice of customers matters in social media. It can be a major driving force of your marketing strategy. Indeed, word-of-mouth has grown more potent in digital marketing. The empowered digital customer wants to be heard and listened to. With over 9 in 10 online shoppers stating their purchase decision is influenced by online reviews […]

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Feb 05

How to launch on social media: the basics every business needs

No matter what stage your social media presence is at, launching your social media identity the right way is critical. Every small business establishing themselves online experiences certain expectations of their social media, and this includes post frequency, type of content shared, and the platforms they specifically choose for their presence. We share with you […]

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Jan 28

5 website design tips to increase traffic

On websites, as in life, first impressions count. If your website design is drab and ordinary, customers will go elsewhere. However, if the design is appealing and inviting, they will naturally flock to your business. Here are five ways to tweak your website design to improve traffic. #1 Web optimisation While not a new trend, […]

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Jan 22

How to turn creativity into a growth advantage

Do you have a strategy to stay creative and drive growth? When asked this question, most small business owners are likely to answer “No” or “We should be thinking about that.” It’s rare to hear an affirmative “Yes!”. Often, they’ll say “it’s busy enough thinking about today’s delivery or chasing a lead.” Sure, these put […]

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Jan 17

How to make your CRM work harder for growth

Marketing technology, specifically, CRM, has made it easier for businesses to implement successful customer management strategies. Every aspect of the customer journey is transformed into a process. It gives the business a good overview of its success in drawing and retaining customers. With advances in marketing technology, CRM systems have grown in functionality. It’s not […]

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Jan 06

How to use social listening to improve your digital marketing content

In a study conducted by the global public relations firm, Edelman, trust was identified as important as quality and value in purchase decisions (1). Trust’s rise to prominence in recent decades is due to the ease in which companies can drive sales online. This has resulted in a wide array of brands vying for the […]

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Jan 01

Why marketing growth should be measured with these

What gets measured, gets done! With the plethora of marketing diagnostic tools available today, its measurement has grown more precise. In this post, we share a list of must-have marketing measurements for small businesses. 1. Cost per lead It’s the most basic measurement on your dashboard. If you gained 5 sales from 10 leads on […]

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Dec 23

How to produce copy that prospects want to read

When was the last time you read a post or article from start to finish? Like most, it’s unlikely to be within the past few days. It is a luxury to be able to read a post from start to finish regularly. Yet content marketing will be worth $412.88 billion by 2021! So, how do […]

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