Oct 26 2017

3 ways to create a professional online presence

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online presence
Oct 19 2017

Who needs a logo, anyway?

What is a logo? When we think about business branding, marketing and advertising campaigns, we focus on creating visually stunning presentations, advertisements with catchy slogans, and generally all enticing sales promotions designed to drive readers to engage with our company.

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Oct 12 2017

Customer experience – Why emotional connection matters

The battle is over and the winner is the consumer. Aided by search engines and social media, consumers are now one another’s intelligent agents, with the ability to search products and services, read peer reviews, write personal opinions and share information with others in their network about their customer experience. The Economist ‘Path to 2020’ […]

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Customer Experience
Oct 05 2017

Delivering the landing page welcome searchers are expecting

Imagine friends have moved to a new home and invite you to visit them. Instead of giving you a complete address they simply tell you which street they're now living on. Would they expect you to knock on every door until you find them? Of course it wouldn't be like that.

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Landing page welcome
Sep 28 2017

Yes, branding is important for a small business

All Aboard the Small Business Branding Train There are many small businesses out there who see branding as somewhat irrelevant to them. Surely, branding is more for big business, isn’t it? All too often, small businesses treat branding as nothing more than a logo and business cards. All too often, they see themselves as a […]

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Small Business Branding
Sep 20 2017

3 reasons why your business should be blogging

No matter how busy your business is, or how strong your social media presence may be, you can’t ignore the fact that a company blog makes up a vital part of any business’s digital marketing strategy.

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3 reasons why your business should be blogging
Aug 23 2017

Tips for branding your social media

What is Social Media Branding? In this day and age where researching online before making purchase decisions has become the norm, it’s never been more important for businesses to ensure that their social media marketing is consistent with, and positively representing their brand, in the same way that flyers, signage and the like did in […]

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Social Media Branding
Aug 19 2017

Why ‘brand essence’ matters – even for a small business

What is Brand Essence? Consider any of the world’s largest brands. It could be Apple, Coca Cola, Toyota, Shell, etc. While each of these businesses have different offerings, and operate in different markets, they all have one thing in common – a clear and well-defined brand essence. These brands know their identity and how they […]

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why brand essence matters even for a small business
Oct 21 2016

Big News from Google

People often use one of the many search engines to search for brands and their products. Very rarely do people type in the URL of a brand’s website. However, if your company is not ranking high enough on search results, people will not be able to find you. Branding agencies are well aware that most people do not go to the second page of search results. This is why top branding agencies will aim to get your website on the first page and in fact the top of the page of search results. This is where SEO or search engine optimization is of utmost importance.

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Jun 27 2016

10 Great Explainer Video Examples

Have you been thinking about making an explainer video? If so, you'll be joining thousands of other businesses, large and small, who use this brilliant way to get your message heard by your target clients. It's not just for big business, as with many big ticket items - the technology to produce professional grade animations or live video has become cheaper and more accessible over time.

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Explainer Video Marketing