Jun 19 2019

What will the social media landscape look like in 2020?

Like it or not, a new decade will soon be upon us. Although 2020 is still a few months away, digital marketers should be gearing up to take on the latest social media trends in order to keep up with a hyper-competitive landscape. Fortunately, we’ve put together a helpful list of developments that are taking […]

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Jun 13 2019

The importance of effective branding

If you watch old western movies, they often involve cattle. These beasts are gathered for branding so that, when mixing with other owners’ herds in a cattle drive, the ownership of each can be clearly identified. The beauty of ‘branded customers’ Okay, just to make it clear, we will quickly point out that we are […]

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Jun 04 2019

Choosing the right CRM for your business

What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an effective strategy to manage your business’ relationships with current and potential customers. Put simply, CRM ensures your sales team has the right information to improve lead generation and customer management. However, with so many CRM tools on the market, it can be difficult knowing which will […]

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May 28 2019

Three easy Google Adwords tips to increase your profits

If you want to drive more traffic to your website to increase your sales, then PPC (pay per click) might be the way to go. But where do you start? You need to implement your campaign properly, otherwise you might end up paying a lot for clicks without getting much return on your investment. PPC […]

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May 21 2019

The different types of web hosting

When you are creating a new website for your business, you will need to choose a hosting platform for the site. This might seem daunting if you’ve never used one before, and it’s important you understand the different types of hosting systems out there before you make your decision. In this article, we take you […]

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May 15 2019

Here are 6 common mistakes you want to avoid when designing your website

No matter whether you’re in the process of designing a new website, or if you already have an existing website, avoiding making the same mistakes that many others do is vital. With that in mind, here’s a list of six common mistakes that many people make when designing a website. Not planning This may seem […]

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May 03 2019

How to Beat the Facebook Algorithm with Digital Marketing

It’s 2019, and we’re still trying to work out what Mark Zuckerberg has planned for us when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Last year, he made huge changes, with the focus on friends and family being able to see each other’s content over sponsored content. A year on and social media managers are learning […]

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May 01 2019

Understanding market analysis and how it can benefit your business

As a business, it is important you have a clear idea of who your target market is, and more importantly, how to appeal to this audience. Market analysis is a detailed study of the dynamics, buying habits and opportunities that can be found in a specific market. Why is market analysis important? An effective market […]

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Apr 18 2019

Bounce rates in digital marketing: what you need to know

When your digital marketing specialist or analyst opens up Google Analytics, a common bit of data that they may point out could be your website’s bounce rate. Your bounce rate is the percentage of people who leave your site after visiting only one page. Now, this is not an important bit of information for all […]

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Apr 16 2019

Top SEO mistakes to avoid

SEO might seem like a relatively simple concept to get your head around, because adding certain words to your website or blog will make it appear higher on Google search rankings, right? But it’s actually a bit more complicated than that, meaning you can make a significant number of mistakes if you don’t know what […]

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